Personal Injury Attorneys in Frisco, TX

Personal Injury Attorneys in Frisco, TX

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Free Consultations and You Don’t Pay a Thing Unless Our Frisco Personal Injury Lawyers Win Your Case.

If you’ve been injured due to the carelessness of another person or a company we can help! Our attorneys only practice in personal injury law and have been in business for 33 years and counting.

Results and experience are why most people hire our law firm.

Together we have more than 65 years of hard won experience, and we are standing by to put them to good use for you. Call (214) 499-9553 now to speak to a Frisco personal injury lawyer at no charge. We provide free initial consultations and never bill you for anything unless we win money for you.

If you are injured and traveling to our office might be difficult for you, no worries. We will gladly come to you for an appointment anywhere in Frisco, TX or the DFW area.

Every month we get many referrals for new clients from old clients who loved the results we achieved for them, and liked how they were treated by us, with dignity and respect.

We never cattle farm clients like many volume injury law firms do. You will not be treated like a number. We don’t even have any paralegals in our firm. Our Frisco personal injury lawyers work with you, one on one, from the beginning to the end of your case, and each has his own support team assigned to him.

We have pockets deep enough to sustain a war on the insurance companies, and we often times hire expert witnesses if and when needed.

As an added bonus, we have a full-time employed private personal injury investigator especially trained to gather facts and evidence to assist in the successful outcome of your claim. And we NEVER charge his services back to you, unlike many lawyers who would. If they have to hire an investigator just for your case, then they have to charge you back for his services, period. We work to put as much money in your pocket as we possibly can. We are true advocates who are on your side!

Our Frisco personal injury attorneys can also assist you in getting any medical treatment you require.

Often times physicians will not accept patients injured in accidents because they are afraid they will get pulled into lawsuits or have to wait a long time to ever get paid for their services. Also, without health insurance if you don’t have it, or the cost of out of pocket deductibles, we can help you get treated right away and not have to pay until after your case is settled.

We’re ready to level the playing field for you, so call (214) 499-9553 now for a free consultation or visit our main website for more information: And remember: If we don’t win, you don’t pay, so call today!

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